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The song ‘Joe Hill’, as sung by Joan Baez, Paul Robeson and many more, has become a rallying-call for left-wingers all over the world. Simon Webb’s new book takes a look at the man who inspired the song, an American union activist and ‘true-blue 

rebel’ who was killed by a firing-squad in Utah in 1915. 

Born in Ukraine in 1879, Lev Davidovich Bronstein (known as Leon Trotsky) became one of the most significant figures in the crowded history of the twentieth century. Simon Webb’s biography, written after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in 2022, places particular emphasis on Trotsky as a Ukrainian, and sets his life against the background of Ukrainian, Russian and British history and culture, and the story of Russian colonialism.

The father of Marxism spent roughly half his life in the English capital. Simon Webb’s new book takes a fresh look at where and how he lived, who he knew and the effect the Victorian city had on himself and his family. 

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A native of Norfolk, Saint Godric of Finchale may have been a pedlar, a sailor and even a pirate before he took up the life of a hermit beside the River Wear near Durham. Simon Webb’s book tells the remarkable story of this twelfth-century holy man, setting it against the background of his turbulent times. 

What do Alexander Pope, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec and the actor Peter Dinklage have in common? Simon Webb's new book examines the lives of notable people of short stature.   

'Despite the efforts of ancient, medieval and renaissance astronomers, and the labours of Newton, Halley and the Herschels, it was a carpenter’s son from a tiny village in the north of England who first began to glimpse the true nature of the Milky Way'.

Simon Webb's new book is the first standalone biography of Thomas Wright (1711-86), astronomer, garden-designer and architect of Byers Green, County Durham. 

Stories, poems and essays by Simon Webb inspired by Boccaccio's Decameron and the coronavirus pandemic. Introduced by William Duggan.